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HSS Cutting tools

HSS step drillsTechnical Data- Fully ground- With special tip- Bright finishedApplications:Ideal used for drilling large holes on sheet metal, nonferrous metal etc.

Size: 4-12mm, 4-20mm, 4-30mm, 6-38mm, 6-26.75mm, 4-39mm, 6-32mm, 5-28mm, 6-30.5mm, 6-37mm, 4.8-10.65mm, 6-25mm, 6-32mm, 6-40mm


Solid Carbide Cutting Tools

HSS drills, reamers, end mills ()Solid carbide drills, reamers, end mills Face milling cutters


Power tools

Features:1) 13mm impact drill, 500W2) 55mm jig saw, 350W3) 110 x 100mm sander, 135WInner packing:Blow case and color sleeveOuter packing:Shrink packing


Machine tools accessories

Product Name: Cutting Tools and Machining Tools and AccessoriesPlace of Origin: ChinaTypes:1) 45/90 offset external turning tool2) 62.5/72.5/75 straight external turning tool3) 45/75/90 indexable external turning tool4) 75/93 indexable facing tool5) Carbide products and accessories


Diamond cutting tools

Big stock lot of cutting tools and diamond tools,MADE IN Germany. . New. . New. . NewBut price for used.350-400 ton for 3 000 000 euro.Contents1-DIAMONDE TOOLS (2. 5 ton)Diamond SawsGrinding wheels Copper)Diamond Grinding Wheels (On Aluminum)Cluster Diamond DressersDiamond Files2-Holders and throw away insertsTool Holders (25 ton)Throw-away Inserts (1 750 000 peace) (50 ton)3-Turning Tools and Cutting Tips- Turning Tools DIN 4971, 4972, 4973, 4974, 4975, 4976, 4977, 4978, 4980, 4981 (250 ton)- Automatic Turning Tools (DIN 4971-4972-4975-4976-4977-4980-4981-4978)- Formed parts, Formed parts (Round) , Cutting Tips, (15 ton)( for tipping twist drills) , Cutting Tips, (For round nose and for bent round nose and for Vee-pulleyGrooving tools) , Cutting tips, (for reamers, Counterbores and countersinks, as well as end mills) ,- Cutting Tips Type D, Cutting tips (Types A, B, C, D, E) , Cutting Tips (for planing tools)Cutting Tips


Professional Air tools

PROFESSIONAL AIR BRUSH KIT MODEL #SB-1103 Fluid nozzle: 0.3mmAir consumption: 15-30PSICapacity of fixed cup: 9C.C.Spray control: Back stop screw Description: Double-action trigger Air-Paint control, Precisely machine fine nozzle, suitable for art work, design painting.


Clamping Elements

Made to class 8.8 and chemically blackened, our clamping elements are useful for clamping dies, moulds, jigs, fixtures as well as work pieces on machines. Our standard elements are easily adaptable in jigs and fixtures. We cover wide range of clampings.

Elements such as:

t bolts, t nuts, clamping hex nuts, extension nuts, clamping studs, clamping hard washers, strap clamps, u clamps, spherical washers & conical seats, & step blocks. These are made to national and international standards.

We also design and manufacture clamping systems as per specific customer requirements. Tested and rightly selected raw material and proper heat treatment, as well as strict quality control make our clamping elements last long.


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